The members of the Burlington, VT-based indie-rock band Villanelles have been together for 8 years. They recently decided to make their bond even stronger by spending 3 days and nights together at our live-in studios in the wilderness of the Northeast Kingdom.  The group was able to record an entire EP as they laughed, sang, drank and made merry.  The band is composed of Tristan Baribeau on guitar, Zane Gundersen on keys, John Rogone on bass, Seth Gundersen on drums, with Evan Borden, a bass player and original band-member now serving the role as muse and mix consultant.  The guys have released a handful of full-length albums and EPs and were even crowned “Best New VT Band” by Seven Days. The band’s trip into the unknown was captured by a film crew to document the making of the EP.


May 9, 2015